Thursday, November 6, 2008

Biography of Manuj Babu Mishra

Full length biography
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About Manuj Babu Mishra

There are few Nepalis who can match the understanding of world art that Manuj Babu Mishra has. He is au fait with everything- primitive art, Greek art, Egyptian art, European art, American art, and art theories. But Mishra does not bring his vast repertoire of knowledge of world art to bear on the interpretation of Nepali art. We do not find him exploring aspects like the creative preoccupation of artists, trends manifesting in Nepali art or, social-cultural reflection in paintings. He is prone to excessively dwelling on traditional art of which there is a fair amount of record, but not contemporary art. In "Contemporary Art in Nepal" the author does not sketch the then contemporary art scene. He writes, "... attempts have been made through different media to give expression to the powerful feelings of the mind" without mentioning what the "different media" are and what the "powerful feelings of the mind" are. This sort of vagueness is not uncommon in his writings.